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We are EDIX , UNIR's Institute of Digital Experts. We were born to train the digital workers that companies need today.

The Professional Revolution is here

We are a company of the Proeduca Group, a world leader in online training in the Spanish language and promoter of UNIR, the University on the Internet.

With digitization, we live in times of change that do not wait for anyone. The opportunities are in the technology sector and the recipe only goes through training and reskilling. That is why we want to train people in jobs with a future and connect them with companies.

We are going to do it like this:

1. Practical method
Subjects planned and developed so that you come out “knowing how to do” while “knowing how to think”.
2. Featured teachers
Authentic leaders of the sector, who are also active workers in the most prominent companies.
3. Challenge Method
You will participate in the project of a real company. You will do it as a team and with the help of an instructor
4. Flexible and nomadic training
Tailor-made learning: you choose how and when. You only need the desire and an internet connection.

5. Tutors
Always accompanied to achieve all your goals.
6. Employment with a future
Our races have real starts. That is why they are focused on students acquiring the necessary skills for present and future challenges.

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This is how you study in EDIX

Our students have access to an advanced online training platform in which they have very attractive multimedia elements. Training cannot be boring. That is why they study with videos, podcasts, and highly designed ebooks that are constantly updated. The pillars of the didactic units are fastbooks (that's what we call our collectible ebooks), live webinars and videos of real cases, told by their protagonists.

But these are not the only resources of our careers. The final problem-solving exercises connect the student with the professional world and the forums with the professors foster a more than interesting networking. In addition, all our students are guided at all times and individually by the figure of a tutor, who guides them to achieve the objectives of the career.

#Everything is going to change

The career opportunities are in the new jobs associated with digitization. EDIX born with a strong social component: we want to give you the necessary tools to become the Digital Expert that the labor market needs today. It does not matter your age, trajectory or economic status.

81% of companies cannot find the talent they are looking for .

Source: Infoempleo-Adecco 2019 report

International support

At EDIX we have the support of the PROEDUCA Group, promoter among others, of the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), the Internet University of Mexico (UNIR Mexico), the Neumann Business School Postgraduate School, located in Peru, the Marconi International University, in the USA.

Thanks to its online model, PROEDUCA has students in more than 90 countries, mainly in Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and the US.



Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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