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WINGS - Wismar University

WINGS - Wismar University

WINGS - Wismar University


WINGS – Wismar International Graduation Services – a subsidiary company of Wismar University (Germany) - offers part-time programmes and certified further education for professionals. The study programmes are offered in the fields of economy, technology, and design through which you can gain a higher public education degree such as a Bachelor’s, Diploma, or Masters. WINGS was built upon this and was set up in 2004. The primary tasks are to develop, organize, and market part-time and further educational programmes under the academic expertise of Wismar University.


Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business, and Design is an advanced and innovative education and research institution looking back to over 100-years of academic excellence. It is an International University that is practice and business oriented with over 8,100 students studying both on-campus and through part-time. Every part-time student is officially enrolled at Wismar University and extensively and individually supported by WINGS.

Due to several contacts in Europe, the Baltic region, America, Latin America, Asia, and in particular South-East-Asia, a variety of intercultural characteristics can be distinctively found in our research and online teaching methods. Currently, there are students from all over the world who are participating in our part-time programmes. With more than 5,200 part-time students, WINGS has become one of the leading providers of part-time programmes for professionals in Germany.

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