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Up Level School of Management

Up Level School of Management

Up Level School of Management


Founded by Fabrizio Serafini, he experienced professional, with many achievements to its credit in the managerial sector. up level since 1995, he has to his credit the most interesting houses human history in terms of training and hyper-specialization. In 2004 he acquired the ISO 9001: 200Settore / EA Activity: 37 Designing and disbursements of Master Post Graduate, and not, and Training and Refresher Courses Professional. In 2009 Accreditation by the Lazio Region. In 2011 Accreditation by the Lombardy Region.

A training mission that is reflected in the market and it becomes valuable reference point for companies that want to include in their organic highly skilled professionals able to fill managerial positions and responsibilities independently.

The best professionals grow here

Level up, literally translates to grow, improve, get up to level. Up level, School of Management, still means the most, it is to become. Up level because it focuses on training, fulfilling its mission in the most profound and noble sense of the word: to shape a new way of being, to transfer the theoretical and empirical knowledge to create a new way of acting. Exercise that divine virtue informative Dante reserved to the learned and wise masters of ancient Greece.

Up level it does it the third millennium, with the exact same order. Train individuals capable of completing the learning path and put into practice the teachings received.

Relying on Uplevel means investing in their professional development

Why Up level, school founded on the most modern teaching patterns and specializations, it is a focal point and experiential learning of the highest level, aimed at a specific target and demanding. Undergraduates, graduates and professionals already underway are aimed at Up level to give added value to their professionalism. Companies aim at Up level because they know to be run school in the name of total quality, efficiency and results.


  • Piazza Carità 32, 80134, Naples

  • Piazzale Flaminio 9, 00196, Rome

  • Via Fabio Filzi 2 , 20124, Milan

  • Piazzale Flaminio 9, 00196, Rome