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Savonia University of Applied Sciences Master of Business Administration Digital Health
Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Master of Business Administration Digital Health

Kuopio, Finland

2 Years


Part time

17 Jan 2025

Aug 2025

EUR 9,000 / per year *

Distance Learning

* For non-EU/EEA citizens, per year. Scholarships available.


Digitalization challenges social and healthcare activities as well as the way of thinking. A new approach to social and health care services means that the client/patient receives all information about him or her and is equally involved in the decision-making about his or her own care. Digitalization does not, however, develop by itself but it requires multidisciplinary expertise to achieve commitment to change in the working life and to promote digitalization actively. Digitalisation also offers possibilities for business intelligence. Health services in all EU countries have been available since the beginning of 2014, and digitalization has been introduced to add value to cross-border services.

The Master’s Degree in Digital Health provides graduates with the skills needed for the innovative development of digital social and health care services, service production, expert organization management, and the development of service quality and management. The studies also prepare the students for planning, implementing, and evaluating social welfare and health care reform in different operational environments.

The studies are working-life focused and when choosing your thesis topic, you can take the development needs in your own work and work community into account and base your topic choice accordingly. It is also possible to do the thesis research to serve the needs of different partner organizations. In all assignments, you are expected to use proven knowledge and apply the theory you learned into practice.

All studies are online and the student makes a personal study plan in collaboration with his/her tutoring teacher.

Main subjects and fields of specialization

At the beginning of your studies, you will choose 30 ECTS from common and field-specific professional studies in accordance with your personal study and career plan. You will receive guidance and counseling from the responsible teacher of the program as well as from other members of Savonia staff in view of defining and achieving your personal goals.


At Savonia, your thesis work will be working-life related. This gives you the possibility to network with experts and employers in your own field as well as in other fields during your studies. You will prove to be able to recognize, evaluate and solve working-life-related challenges independently.

The thesis research focuses on the digitalization of social and healthcare services and contributes to the strategic goals of your workplace or a partner organization. The thesis work can be e.g. development work, developmental research, or a project.


Savonia is a multicultural and international community and there are foreign exchange and degree students on the campus. You can also take part in your studies abroad. The student group can also attend possible international seminars, conferences, and fairs.

Research focus

The research and development work in the social and health care field at Savonia is focused on the development work in the Applied Welfare Technology focus area.

Postgraduate study opportunities

The possible postgraduate studies are licentiate and doctoral studies at a university.


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