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Jönköping University Learning, Digitalization, and Sustainability (Leads - 2 Years)
Jönköping University

Learning, Digitalization, and Sustainability (Leads - 2 Years)

Jönköping, Sweden

2 Years


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Learning, Digitalization, and Sustainability (Leads - 2 Years)

Are you interested in digitalization transformations in society and sustainable learning and communication? Do you want to be a frontline change agent in the design of current and future education? This program is based on frontline research in digitalization and education. In close collaboration with society, you will apply research to diverse educational settings, where the analytical focus will be on sustainable and ethically defendable learning designs. The programme works at the intersection of media, communication, and language from the perspectives of social sciences, the humanities as well as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. The area covers how digitalization processes can be implemented in sustainable and responsible ways.

The master programme in Learning, Digitalization, and Sustainability focuses on global perspectives and strategies for sustainable development of education in an increasingly digitalized and media-dense society. Today, education is undergoing several transformations, provoked by an increasingly digitalized and globalized society, for example, intensified presence of the Edtech market, datafication of individuals' learning activities, emerging practices with digital tools, as well as new forms of leadership and implementation processes. We study the rapid changes in the sector from a sustainability aspect with the aim to create future-oriented learning that matters for coming generations. The LeaDS programme responds to societal needs of critical and practical thinking regarding change and innovation with and through digital solutions on a sustainable basis in a range of educational settings.

This programme is designed to develop leaders and educators with a deep understanding of learning and digitalization processes in a global and media-dense world, including sustainable and future­oriented development ideas and strategies in the field. In the programme, you will acquire the necessary critical thinking skills to inform policy and create change and long-term impact in the field of LeaDS.

One academic year consists of 40 study weeks, divided in two semesters. This is equivalent to 60 credits (60 hp). Each study week consists of 1.5 credits (1,5 hp) that correspond to 40 hours of study. All courses are taught in English. The programme is offered as 1-year (60 credits) and 2-year (120 credits). The latter is an extension of the former, which means that all students study together during the first year.

The master program in Education, Learning, Digitalization, and Sustainability (LeaDS) is carried out within the research framework of Social Sciences of Sustainability at the School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University, and in collaboration with the master programs in Sustainable Communication (SusCom) and Sustainable Societies and Social Change (GlobalS).


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