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International Culinary Studio


Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we are committed to providing professional, excellent technology-driven education delivered in a blended learning format. We offer accredited courses as well as a range of industry-specific, hobby, and Junior Chef online culinary courses internationally.

Taught by industry-leading chef educators, blended learning combines in-person teaching and online education. The blended learning approach is extremely flexible, meaning that hospitality students can study and work at the same time.

We work closely with our students to offer our unique career-related program, which for some course options includes an industry externship, ensuring students gain the necessary skills to be confident in a commercial culinary environment.

  • Our Values

Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Empathy, Passion & Creativity

  • Our Purpose

Providing Excellent Technology Driven Culinary Education.

  • Our Philosophy

International Culinary Studio is committed to providing excellent online culinary education, enabling students to study and work, whilst completing an Internationally Accredited Qualification, thus ensuring them quality positions in kitchens around the world.

We Are

The leading private education provider of accredited international online culinary qualifications whether to local or international students.

Our unique teaching philosophy which encompasses a 360 degree – hi-touch student model uses a modern approach to ensure students play an active part in their own learning experience. Taught by industry leading chef educators, our students get world class training using technology which combined with industry experience and access to our International Alumni Network of Chefs ensures that they are well prepared for a career in culinary anywhere.

We provide a unique and creative business environment, allowing our employees and students to develop and grow. We are committed to building solid and lasting relationships within the hospitality industry and strive to assist each and every student to gain suitable employment or reach their personal culinary dreams and goals.

Why should you study with International Culinary Studio?

  • Flexibility

Study on a flexible schedule to suit your lifestyle, work and family obligations

  • Affordability

No commuting expenses and online study is significantly more affordable

  • Adaptable Learning

Develops self discipline, self motivation, and better communication skills

  • One on One Tuition

Personalised one on one tuition with a fully accredited Chef Instructor

  • Recognised Qualification

Extensive range of globally recognised accredited courses on offer

  • Extensive Library

Access to excellent support material including a glossary and a range of printable recipes

  • Live Video Classes

Recorded live video classes to view as many times as necessary

  • Earn While You Learn

Already working? Career change? Get qualified while you are still employed

  • Accessibility

Much of the course content can be viewed via an app anytime, anywhere, on any device

  • Digital Badging

Take your achievements global with your online e-portfolio and digital badge

  • Learning Barriers?

Personalised student mentoring and learning model overcomes many learning difficulties

  • Real World Skills

Graduate with real skills that will help you succeed in today’s competitive workplace

Travel the world with your globally recognised hospitality digital badge certification and stand out from the crowd

Culinary Career Pathway

There are four types of chefs within most professional kitchens, operating within a ranked or hierarchical structure. They are:

  • apprentice or trainee chefs, known as Commis Chefs
  • section chefs, known as Chefs de Partie or Line Cooks
  • Sous Chefs, who act as the second-in-command of the kitchen
  • Head/Executive Chefs, who are responsible for the management of the entire kitchen and are also known as Chefs de Cuisine.



Global Certification & Qualifications

International Culinary Studio is recognized by the WorldChefs Association and has been awarded the WorldChefs Recognition of Quality Culinary Education Programme. These courses are job-specific and at the conclusion of their course, students can showcase a wealth of new skills on their e-portfolio and in some cases are able to apply for WorldChefs Global Hospitality Certification, which showcases their skills anywhere in the world.

Short Courses

We have a wide variety of short courses to choose from, ranging from a selection of industry-specific through to hobbyist courses.

Home School Culinary Programme

Perfect for all budding culinary professionals, our Home School Programme gives students an opportunity to nurture their growing cooking talents from their kitchen at home.

Junior Chef

Our online Junior Chef Programmes are exciting, interactive, and user-friendly. They are a great introduction to the magical world of culinary.


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