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Instituto Artes Visuales

Instituto Artes Visuales

Instituto Artes Visuales


The Institute of Visual Arts Is a private institution that since 1994 is dedicated to specialized training in areas of graphic design, multimedia creation, the development of communication for Web and motion graphics.


In the training of the student seeks to combine the technical and conceptual knowledge of the different areas. The theoretical-practical methodology allows students to advance through the development of exercises that allow assimilating the previously taught theory, as well as assuming professional work processes.


The main objectives of this center are:

  1. Train the student correctly with updated content in the disciplines related to graphic design, motion graphics and for the development of web communication.

Train the student in the way of professional work. Our training is based on progress in the knowledge of the different areas, through the implementation through briefing. To promote the creativity and the development of the artistic capacities of the student. Encourage personal initiative and innovative professional attitude.

These objectives are carried out in the different training programs offered by the center: Career in Visual Arts, Master in Art and Communication, Master in Graphic Design or Master in Multimedia and Internet, as well as in the different professional courses of Graphic Design, Graphic Design Web, Digital Photography and Video, Typographic Design, Advertising Design, Editorial Design, Packaging Design ...


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