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EUCLID (Euclid University) PhD in Sustainable Development and Diplomacy
EUCLID (Euclid University)

PhD in Sustainable Development and Diplomacy

2 Years


Full time, Part time

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USD 8,825 *

Distance Learning

* Total tuition: Initial Admission Fee + (55 x USD145) = USD 8,825



The EUCLID DSDD (Ph.D. in Sustainable Development and Diplomacy) is an online program which combined required coursework followed by the elaboration and presentation of the policy-relevant doctoral dissertation. Its goal is to prepare recognized experts for high-level positions in the vast realm of sustainable development policy-making and implementation, with successful careers at intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as multinational corporations. It is of particular interest to students holding a relevant Master's degree and aiming to achieve a doctoral level, which is increasingly necessary for academia and international institutions.

The EUCLID DSDD is also a unique program in the sense that it is the only doctoral program in Sustainable Development actually offered by a multilateral institution with a specialized SD institute (the International Organization for Sustainable Development, logo above), thus allowing direct interaction with practitioners as well as opening rare internship opportunities.


This program assumes a strong background in economics and global affairs. Students who do not have such a foundation or background will be required to complete a customized bridge program prior to being formally enrolled. The DSDD offers an in-depth examination of the vast field of Sustainable Development, including Ecological Economics, Public Policies, Climate Change, Sustainable Development Goals, Community Development, Cultural Aspects of Development, and National Developmental Strategies. Its capstone is the presentation, defense, and publication of a doctoral dissertation. This program was primarily designed to train government or IGO staff already working in the field, but it is also suitable to prepare general public professionals and students for careers with governmental bodies, NGOs and international organizations such as IGAD, the European Union, the African Union, OSCE, World Bank, etc.


Credit values are expressed both in terms of USCH (US credit hour) and ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Typically, 14 hours of classroom instruction over the course of 1 semester represents 1 USCH or 1.5 ECTS (plus self-study time), which is converted to the equivalent amount of study in the context of a distance program. The total credit value for the completed DSDD, according to international standards, is 90 USCH beyond the Bachelor.


Because EUCLID was established to train active diplomats and government staff, our students can be assured that their peers and fellow alumni will form a high-level network.


EUCLID has ongoing enrollment (intake) for this program. It is acceptable to apply several months in advance but it is recommended to apply 60-40 days in advance. General public slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


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