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ESADE Business Analytics Specialization Program

Business Analytics Specialization Program

6 Months


Full time

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EUR 8,100

Distance Learning


In the most disruptive era in history, business models are being transformed and technology is not only inventing new models, but is literally turning around very traditional sectors with dizzying speed.

Why This Program?

Data science and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing the way companies compete, operate and make decisions. This means, among other advantages and benefits, improving not only in terms of competitiveness and process optimization, but also in marketing strategies and links with external parties (stakeholders, suppliers).

Organizations and the business world require, based on these changes, specialized professionals to respond to their challenges. For this reason, a specialization program in data analytics and visualization is not only important and necessary, but also (and above all) urgent.

In this program, you will master as an expert the tools necessary to extract the data that is relevant to your company, as well as to present it clearly for decision making. Also, you will know the basic components of Tableau and Python to provide added value to your organization, and give it a competitive advantage in the sector.

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