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ENACO BTS Real Estate Professions

BTS Real Estate Professions

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2 Years


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EUR 3,501 / per year *

Distance Learning

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Prepare your BTS PI in alternation with ENACO !

Approved by the CEFI (Commission paritaire nationale de l'Emploi et de la Formation professionnelle de la branche de l'Immobilier), ENACO is the only Online Business School that offers you the possibility of completing your BTS in Real Estate Professions under a professionalization contract.

The objectives of the Real Estate Professions training

The BTS Professions Immobilières allows to acquire competences as well in real management as in real transaction, the two essential expertises to evolve in the field of the real estate.

The objective of BTS PI distance learning is to train you to :

  • Building a portfolio of clients
  • Real estate appraisal
  • Real estate negotiation
  • Condominium management
  • Rental management
  • Promotion of real estate

ENACO allows you to prepare your BTS Professions Immobilières à distance in two years. The BTS PI distance learning proposed by ENACO is a national diploma of higher education of level Bac +2 which grants 120 ECTS credits as well as a title RNCP of level 5. Our program is therefore subject to the control of the National Education and our teaching materials strictly respect the official reference material. The BTS PI is accessible to candidates with a Baccalaureate or equivalent.

The BTS PI distance learning program allows you to obtain two professional cards: the T card (Transaction) and the G card (Management) issued by the CCI to become a real estate agent. The T card allows you to carry out real estate transactions.

An internship period is included in your BTS PI distance learning. Lasting 14 weeks, including at least 6 consecutive weeks in the first year of school, this internship will allow you to put into practice the skills and knowledge you have acquired throughout your studies. The BTS PI distance learning can also be supported by the Continuing Professional Education system.

The training program

The BTS PI distance learning is composed of general and professional subjects that are grouped into teaching units for the exam.

General education

  • General culture and expression
  • Modern Language 1 (English, Spanish or Italian)

Professional education

Real estate engineering consulting :

  • Economy and organization
  • Law and legal watch
  • Architecture, housing and urban planning, sustainable development

Real estate techniques :

  • General accounting
  • Real estate transaction
  • Financing in the real estate transaction
  • Management of the co-ownership
  • Rental management
  • Professional communication in French and foreign languages
  • Local Initiative Unit

Information about internships

Your BTS PI distance learning program includes a 14-week internship period, including 6 consecutive weeks in the first year. During your internship, you will have to deal with both aspects of your training: real estate management and real estate transaction.

For salaried candidates working in the real estate industry, internships are not mandatory. They can be replaced by one or more work certificates attesting that you are employed in activities related to real estate management and real estate transactions, as presented in the BTS PI reference material. These activities must have been performed as a full-time employee for 6 months during the year preceding the examination or as a part-time employee for one year during the two years preceding the examination.

Professional opportunities

Real estate being a field rich in opportunities, the BTS Professions Immobilières (BTS PI) trains to a varied set of professions. Below is a non-exhaustive list of positions to which you can apply thanks to your degree:

  • Real Estate Negotiator
  • Real estate agent
  • Rental property manager
  • Condominium manager
  • Real Estate Administrator
  • Real Estate Technician
  • Syndic of co-ownership
  • Financial prospector

Training costs

Payment in 2 times (-10%)Payment in 6 times (-5%)Payment in 12 times and more

956 € + 2233 € = 3189 € 3543 €

No exam fees

1009 € + (5 x 471,2 €) = 3365 € 3543 €

No exam fees

3543 €

No exam fees


Laurent Dhaine

"Having interrupted in my young years my schooling in 1st and in order to better perpetuate my work tool (real estate agency) to transmit it to my children, I decided at 56 years to take again a cycle of study leading me to obtain the BTS (...). With the help of my teachers, I was able to obtain this diploma in 3 years, with perseverance and a progressive way of presenting the tests. Today, I would like to pay tribute to the entire ENACO school team. If I were given the opportunity to go back to school for a Bachelor's degree in the near future, I would choose the ENACO school again without hesitation."

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