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ENACO BTS Negotiation and Digitalization of Customer Relations

BTS Negotiation and Digitalization of Customer Relations

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2 Years


Full time, Part time

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EUR 3,501 / per year *

Distance Learning

* payment in 2 installments (-10%)


The objectives of the NDRC training

The objective of the BTS NRC or BTS NDRC distance learning is to train salespeople and sales managers. You will be trained in customer relationship management as a whole, but also in prospecting techniques with a view to increasing your company's sales. In direct contact with customers as well as on digital channels, the sales representative establishes a close and lasting relationship with his customers by implementing adapted solutions that fully meet their needs. Focused on customer relations, the BTS Négociation et Digitalisation de la Relation Client will enable you to be effective in negotiating and selling in direct contact with the customer, particularly for canvassing.

The skills developed

The BTS NRC / BTS NDRC distance learning covers a wide range of skills that you will master at the end of your training. In particular, you will be trained to:

  • The sale
  • Customer relationship management
  • The production of commercial information
  • The digitalization of customer relations
  • The organization and management of the commercial activity
  • Animation of communities on the web
  • Management of sales teams
  • Management of e-commerce operations
  • The management of a network of partners

ENACO allows you to prepare your BTS in Negotiation and Digitalization of Customer Relations in two years. The BTS NRC or BTS NDRC offered by ENACO is a national diploma of higher education of level Bac +2 which grants 120 ECTS credits as well as a title RNCP of level 5. Our program is therefore subject to the control of the National Education and our teaching materials strictly respect the official reference material. This BTS is accessible to candidates with a Baccalauréat or equivalent.

An internship period is included in your BTS NDRC. Lasting 16 weeks, this internship will allow you to put into practice the skills and knowledge you have acquired throughout your studies. You can also do your BTS NDRC in alternation. You will then be under a professionalization contract with a company and your work-study schedule will be defined with the company. More information on the work-study program. This BTS can also be supported by the Continuing Professional Education system.

The training program

The curriculum aims to train students in the fields of sales, negotiation, management and digitalization of commercial activities.

General education

  • General culture and expression
  • Modern Language 1 (English, Spanish or Italian)
  • General economy
  • Company management
  • Right

Professional education

  • Customer relations and sales negotiation
  • Remote customer relations and digitalization
  • Customer relations and network animation
  • Workshops on professionalization and applied economic, legal and managerial culture

Information about internships

Your BTS NDRC distance learning program includes a 16-week internship period that will allow you to acquire or deepen your theoretical knowledge.

For salaried candidates working in the field of negotiation and customer relations, your internship is not mandatory. You will be required to provide one or more work certificates attesting that you are employed in activities related to negotiation and customer relations, as presented in the referential.

Professional opportunities

The BTS in Customer Relations Negotiation and Digitization (NDRC) opens the doors to many professions. Below is a non-exhaustive list of positions to which you can apply thanks to your degree:

  • Commercial
  • Salesman
  • Negotiator
  • Commercial attaché
  • Client Advisor
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Business Manager
  • Network coordinator
  • Sales Animator
  • Technical sales representative
  • Head of Sales
  • Assistant manager
  • Supervisor
  • Negotiator

Training costs

Payment in 2 times (-10%)Payment in 6 times (-5%)Payment in 12 times and more

956 € + 2233 € = 3189 € 3543 €

No exam fees

1009 € + (5 x 471,2 €) = 3365 € 3543 €

No exam fees

3543 €

No exam fees


Emile Ntigura

"I found out about ENACO through the internet and then I contacted the pedagogical department to get enrolled; after completing the academic formalities, I started my classes through Campus-ENACO where I upload my notes, practice and send my assignments. Everything is going well, after three years of taking the course I have already acquired a lot of important things in the process of prospecting for clients, maintaining the relationship with the clients until their loyalty. ENACO is a truly impressive school with which to gain knowledge while maintaining your job."

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