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eCampus University


eCampus University was established as an Online University with the Ministerial Decree of 30 January 2006. Its main offices are at the former IBM centre in Novedrate (CO), in a campus in the middle of Brianza’s peaceful greenery with 270 rooms, spaces and areas of interest available to students, professors and Italian and foreign visitors for the exams and activities that supplement the curriculum, such as intensive courses, seminars and conferences. The campus, designed by the architect Bruno Morassutti, is located in a landmark of modern architecture. It is made up of 12 interconnected towers on various levels in a 10ha park, rich in green spaces and sporting facilities.

As well to its large and efficient operating headquarters, eCampus University is present throughout the country: not only can the courses it offers to be taken from anywhere at any time, but it also possesses an extensive network of tutors around Italy, who offer personal teaching support and advice to students. This network of tutors is probably our University’s greatest asset since it provides a prompt reply to all our students’ personal needs. The IT structure has been designed to create an SIA (University IT system) which integrates all functions and allows the monitoring of each student’s learning process in all its cognitive, psychological and motivational aspects, while also covering all logistical and administrative requirements.


  • Milan

    Università degli Studi e-Campus Via Isimbardi 10 , 22060 , Milan