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Alfred Nobel Open Business School DBA- Doctor of Business Administration
Alfred Nobel Open Business School

DBA- Doctor of Business Administration

2 Semesters


Part time

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EUR 5,000 / per semester

Distance Learning


DBA DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: an optional subject from the student's many years of professional experience

Why to choose Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)?

DBA candidates aim to make a direct contribution to modern business practices. By applying theory to real business problems, DBA students use their dissertation to introduce new ideas to the field of Business Administration. The program is based on practical understanding and an independent research that can effectively complete the theoretical knowledge of the learners.

Who to choose DBA?

Our DBA program provides a good possibility to obtain postgraduate degree in the field of business administration with no need for participants to be off work for long while attending it.

The topic of the dissertation can be the research area of the learner, the one he/she knows the best, so it provides a perfect addition to the actual activities of the learner.

People do DBA when they already have achieved a lot in their business career and need to have new challenges. They are typically in their 30s, some in their 40s, some are even older. They have many years of work experience, good positions, a decent salary, and a lot of ambition and motivation.

Educational Objectives

Having a doctorial degree in business administration helps gaining knowledge for work on the base of the latest researches, theories and trends. Not only this knowledge makes them experts in the relevant area but it also results in having various managerial and decision making skills with which higher positions in the leadership may be obtained, or a new carrier may get started.

Duration: 2 semesters

Applying for MSc/MBA or other higher education

Two years of study in one year!

Training is provided online with lectures, videos, and consultant assistance.
Training is provided in English.
The course ends with the submission of a thesis and its defense.



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