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Anaheim University Online MBA in Global Sustainable Management
Anaheim University Online

MBA in Global Sustainable Management

USA Online, USA

18 Months


Full time, Part time

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Sep 2024

USD 16,375

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Global Sustainable management looks beyond short-term quarterly profits and focuses on long-term gain by incorporating the environmental and social costs of doing business into management decisions. The Online Green MBA empowers you to succeed in a fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible way. The Online Green MBA (MBA in Global Sustainable Management) allows you to complete your program from anywhere in the world while on the go.

  • 6 core courses in Business Administration from the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business Online International MBA Track
  • 6 "Green" courses in Sustainable Management through the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute
  • 2 elective courses in International Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Interact with your professor and social entrepreneurs around the globe
  • Complete the Online Green MBA from anywhere in the world while working full-time
  • Online MBA courses start every 6 weeks
  • 18-month intensive Online MBA program


The MBA in Global Sustainable Management trains its students in communication skills, the use of technology as a tool of effective management, ethics, analytical skills and the functional fields of business, leadership, teamwork, and supervision, and the so-called “three Ps” of people, profit and planet. This Green MBA program prepares graduates to be global business leaders who will contribute to the development of sound economic and public policy in a globally competitive world. Upon successful completion of the MBA in Global Sustainable Management program, students will be able to:

  • Discuss current conceptual and theoretical models, issues, and concerns in international business administration;
  • Describe current practices, issues, and concerns in international business administration;
  • Shift their thinking from managing the internal aspects and direct linkages of the corporation to assuming broader responsibilities for the entire enterprise which includes the practices of suppliers and their suppliers, customers and their customers, stakeholders, and those who dispose of or recycle/refurbish a product at the end of its useful life;
  • Articulate the vision of the triple bottom line to business stakeholders and conduct triple bottom line audits and reorganizations;
  • Systematically investigate sustainable marketing issues in the context of environmental impact in both a domestic and an international context;?
  • Develop a shift in paradigm of business thinking as a means of establishing sustainable marketing strategies;
  • Outline an approach to sustainability for small companies and for governmental and nongovernmental organizations;
  • Evaluate business issues within the context of ethics and social sustainability, and specify the kinds of laws, regulations and professional rules that bear on ethical decision-making;
  • Describe the purpose and benefits of strategic planning in order to keep a corporation on its path to sustainability.

Core Courses

  • BUS 510 International Economics
  • BUS 520 International Human Resource Mgmt
  • BUS 530 International Accounting
  • BUS 540 International Marketing
  • BUS 550 International Management
  • BUS 560 International Finance

Tuition Relief

  • Tuition Savings: $750 per course x 12 terms: $ 9,000
  • Records fee waived ($200 x 12 terms): $ 2,400
  • Tuition Relief Savings: $11,400

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