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OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland Doctorate in Sales and Marketing
OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland

Doctorate in Sales and Marketing

Zurich, Switzerland

2 Years


Full time, Part time

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EUR 3,050 / per year

Distance Learning


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This is the highest educational level you can study at OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology in Switzerland. At this level, students are given the full knowledge not just know-how, our students should be able to come up with a new theory themselves, manage a big team and teach young professionals how to do things better; they are introduced to management as an academic discipline. A doctorate in Sales and Marketing is a very reputed qualification that is fully capable of providing great support to careers of those who are related to the advertisement and marketing world. This qualification can provide help to people who want to sell products to their clients by attracting a great majority of visitors and increasing their sales. Actually, the main thing is that every business or more precisely product requires promotion no matter how good it is. You have to tell people about the qualities of a product because they will only consider using it when they will know it. For this reason, the field of sales and marketing is directly or indirectly relevant to every other field because to attract customers we all need promotion. The modern world has the advantage of fast communication and there are more than enough mediums utilized by professionals associated with the field of Sales and Marketing. The Internet is the most potent advertising medium of the modern era, which possesses the power of conveying messages in minutes to people worldwide. Social networks and other platforms especially have emerged as convincing marketing platforms because a large number of people from different parts of the world are associated with them. Those who pursue a Doctorate in Sales and Marketing are taught various strategies and skills, which can be employed for using Social Media to carry out the promotion of products and services. Similarly, E-Business is related to the application of ICT, that is information and communication technologies in carrying out business activities. It is also related to sales and marketing and the Doctorate in Sales and Marketing program provides students with knowledge about this field as well.

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