Master of Science in Information Technology Management


Program Description

The Master of Science in Information Technology Management degree is recognized by many business and organizations as a major component in a successful career. The MSITM degree concentrates on the application of theory to real organizational situations with special emphasis on information technology management rather than on specific technologies.

The TUI faculty are eager to share with you special methods and techniques to apply academic tools and concepts to real situations.

Waiving Requirements

For students wishing to enter the MS-ITM program after completing a TUI MBA-ITM, two of the three following courses may be waived:

  • ITM 525 (Managing IT in Organizations)
  • ITM 535 (Business Intelligence, and Information Services)
  • ITM 550 (Networking Planning and Administration)

TUI University may, after review, approve additional transfer credits if those transfers are in compliance with the Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education, Standards for Accreditation, by Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Program Requirements

  • Complete nine required graduate level courses (36 semester credits)
  • No thesis or comprehensive examination is required

Length of Study

If the applicant has an information system related undergraduate degree and takes a full-time load at TUI, the program can be completed in 15 to 18 months.


The program is designed to provide candidates with the general management and technical skills to perform at the middle management level in their functional areas of information technology management. The curriculum prepares students to manage organizational information technology departments in the national and international arenas.

The graduate should be able to:

  • Function at the professional middle management level in his/her chosen field of information technology management.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication in an advanced information technology environment.
  • Perform critical analysis of complex information technology situations and offer and evaluate alternative solutions.
  • Apply information technology knowledge, concepts, and frameworks to dynamic business situations.
  • Marshal and manage relevant information technology resources particularly in an uncertain and global business environments.
  • Integrate, apply, and synthesize knowledge across the functional areas of information technology.
  • Demonstrate awareness of and work effectively in a diverse organization within an information technology environment.
  • Recognize, analyze, and confront ethical and social responsibility issues in information technology management.
Last updated Nov 2017

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