The two-year Executive Master Degree program in Management & Leadership has been designed to promote and develop students’ social skills, management know-how, entrepreneurial thinking, and willingness to make decisions. They will be enabled to act with confidence in a complex and competitive business environment.

Management is creation, influence, and responsibility. The MSc program teaches the required competencies to promote one’s own career. It is specifically designed for entrepreneurs, top managers, and decision makers with leadership experience wishing to qualify for an even higher management position.

Students learn how to systematically identify and analyze entrepreneurial problems, provide suitable solutions, and make, as well as implement, respective decisions. The newly acquired knowledge and methods, as well as the social skills promoted in the course, enable graduates to adequately master future management tasks and strategic leadership responsibilities.

Admission Procedure

The admission process includes the following elements:

  • Application form
  • Interview
  • Decision

For applicants without a prior degree, the following additional requirements for admission apply:

Standardized MSc-test or GMAT

The standardized MSc-test or GMAT respectively serve for assessing the applicant’s intellectual grasp, problem-solving capacity, intelligence, and linguistic competence/text comprehension. The scope, content, and level of difficulty of the MBA test to be taken at the MCI correspond to the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). An examination fee of EUR 125.- is charged for the standardized MBA test. Upon the submission of evidence of an adequate GMAT score dating back not more than three years, the student will receive credit for such score (GMAT score > 610;


The application must be submitted via an online application accompanied by the required documents (CV, Essay). Successful completion of a first academic degree and a minimum of 2 years of professional experience in a qualified position prior to the commencement of the Master program (ideally, a qualified professional activity also during the Master program) are required.


The interview gives applicants the opportunity to present themselves personally, to comment on their previous career, and to explain their motivation for applying, as well as their medium-term professional goals.


An admission committee decides on the admission of applicants to the Master program.


Depending on the circumstances in the individual case, credits may be awarded for the Master study program on written application for previously completed MCI Executive Certificate courses and for studies pursued and examinations passed at other state or state-recognized universities in Austria or abroad in accordance with the provisions of the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (Lisbon Convention, section VI.1) as long as there are no significant differences with regard to the competencies involved. That will be the case where the previous qualifications basically correspond to the qualification goals for the MCI’s MBA study program.

Decisions on applications for the recognition of previous qualifications are taken by the Examination Committee and are communicated in writing together with information on the rights of appeal.

While Studying

The Master of Science program in Management & Leadership stands out due to its modular design, which includes four phases: by combining individual certificate courses with complementary modules and writing a Master’s thesis under scientific supervision, students can obtain a post-graduate level MSc degree.

The content and organization of the program have been designed to meet the specific requirements and needs of professional decision makers. Intensive modules stretching over several days, usually from Thursday or Friday to Saturday, alternate with practical sessions in which the theoretical content is systematically applied to practice.

While the first module, General Management, teaches basic business administration knowledge, the second module gives participants the opportunity to choose an individual area of specialization. Such specialization may be gained in the fields of digitalization, management accounting, and control, innovation management, marketing, personnel management, sales management, or corporate communications.

In order to successfully complete the first two phases of the program, students are required to master a three-day intensive module. This module provides an integrative overview to encourage students’ development of cross-disciplinary thinking and action beyond specialized management knowledge and personal key competencies. This is achieved by involving them in interdisciplinary teams to create a business plan and discuss a living case study.

Module III, Management, Psychology & Leadership, provides a scientific discussion of select issues of economic and organizational psychology from a human sciences and systemic constructivism perspective. A special focus is placed on giving participants the opportunity to reflect on their individual leadership roles.

After Studying

Upon completion of the Executive Master’s program, graduates are awarded the internationally acknowledged title of a Master of Sciences in Management & Leadership (MSc).

Our graduates profit from our strong network of recognized lecturers from science, business, and society, even beyond their studies. The exchange with international students also improves their own network and creates international acceptance for the benefit of all our students.

Accreditation by the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the award of the Premium Seal by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) are testimony to the high-quality standards and international standing of this program and respective degree.

Program taught in:

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Spring Offer - € 1,500 discount off the regular tuition fee if you register before April 1, 2019

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Spring Offer - € 1,500 discount off the regular tuition fee if you register before April 1, 2019
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