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Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration at AIU

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA, Ph.D.) program is designed to advance the professional development of experienced managers and professionals in the business arena by extending their management knowledge and equipping them with broad research and process management skills, enabling them to make a key leadership contribution to their chosen fields.

The Doctor of Business Administration degree is geared for those who seek to contribute to the improvement of an organization’s overall performance in today’s highly competitive business world. AIU’s Doctorate degree in Business Administration goes one step further by allowing students to study and research multiple key areas of business and management to develop a unique foundation of practical knowledge and business theory. The program is also offered as a Ph.D. in Business Administration. Your AIU Distance Learning Doctorate program in Business Administration will be a custom-made program, designed just for you by you and your advisor. This flexibility to meet your needs is seldom found in other distance learning programs.

Our program does not require every student to study the same subjects and use the same books and other learning materials as every other student. Instead, our online Doctoral programs are designed just for you. They are individually designed to meet your needs and help you to reach your professional and personal goals.

Important: Below is an example of the topics or areas you may develop and work on during your studies. By no means is it a complete or required list as AIU programs do not follow a standardized curriculum. It is meant solely as a reference point and example. What to learn more about the curriculum design at AIU?

Core Courses and Topics in Business Administration

  • MBM700 Organizational Behavior
  • MBM702 Business and Society: Corporate Strategy, Public Policy, Ethics
  • MBM704 Operations Management for Competitive Advantage
  • MBM706 Research Techniques and Methods
  • MBM708 International Business: Challenge of Global Competition
  • MBM710 Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases
  • MBM712 Managerial Economics and Business Strategy

Core Courses and Topics in Business Administration

  • Track 1- International Management
    • MBM811 International Management: Culture & Strategy
    • Experiential Learning
  • Track 2 - Information Technology Management
    • MBM815 Managing IT in the E-Business Enterprise
    • MBM817 Internet Business Models and Strategies
  • Track 3- Human Resources
    • MBM819 Leadership in Organizations
    • MBM821 Human Relations and Performance
  • Track 4 - Commerce and Economics
    • MBM823 Managerial Economics and Organization Architecture
    • MBM825 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
  • Track 5- Marketing
    • MBM827 Strategic Logistics in Marketing
    • MBM829 Marketing Research
  • Track 6 - Accounting and Finance
    • MBM831 Cost Management Strategies
    • MBM833 Financial Markets and Corporate Strategy
  • Track 7- Knowledge Management
    • MBM835 Enabling Knowledge Management
    • MBM837 Knowledge Management Strategies

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The combination of the underlying principles of student "self-instruction", (with guidance), collaborative development of curriculum unique to each student, and flexibility of time and place of study ... Read More

The combination of the underlying principles of student "self-instruction", (with guidance), collaborative development of curriculum unique to each student, and flexibility of time and place of study provide, what we consider to be, the ideal learning environment. It is created with the purpose of satisfying individual needs and providing personal development for each student. Atlantic International University exists as an institution of experiential learning and nontraditional education at a distance. There are no classrooms and attendance is not required. Read less