What is the University of Fashion?

The University of Fashion works very differently than most fashion design schools. We don’t charge a separate tuition fee for each individual class you take. Instead, we give you 24/7, on-demand access to all of our many hundreds of full-length video lessons for a low yearly subscription fee. UoF’s lessons are taught exclusively by fashion school professors and industry professionals, never by amateurs. You’ll see the exact same lectures and "how-to" demonstrations taught by the best fashion schools, but without rigid class times at inconvenient locations. Instead, you decide what, when and where you want to learn. The University of Fashion offers lessons in all the major fashion disciplines: draping, pattern making, CAD pattern making, accessories, sewing, fashion art, knits, business, product development, lectures, CAD fashion art, childrenswear and more. Most schools charge a big tuition fee to teach a single fashion subject in a particular fashion discipline, like sewing or pattern making. At the University of Fashion, you will pay a lot less to access every fashion subject in every discipline!

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Fashion Art Lessons

Our online fashion drawing, rendering and illustration video lessons will help you realize your designs on paper and make an artist out of you! Being able to communicate your design ideas to others is a critical step toward becoming a successful fashion designer.

Preview of a Typical UoF Fashion Art Lesson

Rendering camouflage

Lessons for every Skill Level

Beginner Whether your interest is designing for women men, tweens, infants, toddlers or older children, it all starts with learning how to draw the fashion croquis. A fashion croquis is a rough sketch used as the foundation in fashion drawing and presents a slightly elongated figure compared to real life body proportions. Start learning by mastering our “Female Frontal pose” and “Female Contrapposto pose” lessons. Next, try to draw the “Female Walking Pose” and the Female Side Back Pose.”. Then, move on to our “Female Relaxed Standing Pose” and “Female Head, Hands & Feet” lessons. Finally, choose and finish 4 other Beginner lessons that interest you, or that seem challenging, before moving to our Intermediate section. Once you’re feeling comfortable with your hand drawing skills, feel free to move on to our Computer Assisted Design (CAD) lessons. You’ll find them in our CAD discipline section. We’ve laid out our CAD lessons in the order in which you should watch them. Start with the first lesson, then do the second lesson, etc. Intermediate Our Intermediate Art lessons will teach you to hand render your designs. Each lesson comes with a free downloadable croquis template and swatch so that so that you can follow along with the instructor. We will also teach you how to find your own sketching style. Your sketching style “brands” you and sets you apart from other designers. After mastering at least 6 of our Intermediate lessons, move on to our Advanced lessons. Advanced Our Advanced Art lessons will teach how to illustrate your designs in gouache (“water paint” or “splash” in Italian). Download our Free fashion croquis for these lessons and follow along with your instructor to perfect the techniques we introduce here. The University of Fashion offers many, many lessons in Fashion Art. Check them out by clicking the Lessons tab on our homepage at UniversityofFashion.com.

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