Life doesn’t stop when school starts. The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies offers a program tailored to unique interests and schedules. Professional communication, environmental practice, justice studies, business – whatever the emphasis, we’re committed to individual academic goals. Do not be dissuaded by distance because the BA in Interdisciplinary Studies is attainable fully online or through a combination of online learning and on-campus sessions. The learning model enables professional and personal transformations without interrupting life to fulfill educational goals; obligations do not have to be an obstacle to a real-world education. The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program offers a BA with an emphasis on professional communication, environmental practice, justice studies, or business – or a combination thereof. You personalize your education by complementing these RRU courses with courses selected from other post-secondary institutions.

Leverage Your Learning

The BA in Interdisciplinary Studies enables students to take an active role in the design of their education. With a program that builds on professional experience, prior academic experience, and career goals, students achieve competency in five knowledge domains: leadership and teamwork; communication; knowledge; critical thinking and global awareness. In addition, course selections and academic work will demonstrate critical engagement with core concepts in the area of interest, such as Indigenous education, at-risk youth mentoring, alternative health care models, community leadership, social justice, the environment or corporate social responsibility. Students determine their focus; Royal Roads University helps build the program to achieve it.


Listed below are required, core courses that students take at the beginning and end of the BA in Interdisciplinary Studies program. These courses are supplemented with designated online and/or on-campus RRU electives, plus students may take up to 12 credits of 300/400 level electives from any qualifying post-secondary institution to acquire further subject expertise. Approval must be obtained prior to taking any external courses.

  • INDS300: Writing Across Disciplines
  • INDS310: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies
  • INDS400: Global Perspectives on Indigenous Ways of Knowing
  • INDS417: Independent Study
  • INDS480: Internship
  • INDS490: Senior Research Project/Paper
  • ITAI: Introduction to Academic Integrity

Plotting Your Success

  • Foundation courses introduce interdisciplinary core concepts
  • Academic focus immerses you in your area of interest
  • Professional focus provides real-world, individualized career emphasis
  • Opportunity to address current issues through applied learning and research

Requiring two to four years of study, this degree program allows students to combine Royal Roads courses with credits earned at other institutions. Depending on course selections,work may be completed all online, or students may come to campus for a residency or face-to-face course. Depending on the level of professional experience, students will complete an internship to deepen their skills.

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Last updated November 6, 2018
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Sep 10, 2019
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June 10, 2019
2 or 3 Years Degree Completion | Blended Delivery
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Sep 10, 2019
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June 10, 2019
2 or 3 Years Degree Completion | Blended Delivery

Sep 10, 2019

Application deadline
June 10, 2019
2 or 3 Years Degree Completion | Blended Delivery
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