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Advanced Ichimoku Training - What You’ve Been Missing

Did you know the last "expert" - Hidenobu Sasaki, wrote only 1 chapter talking about the traditional "5 Lines"? What did he write the other 6 chapters on?

That is what we focus heavily on in our Advanced Ichimoku Course. Most of what you see out there is re-hashed material on how to trade the "5 lines" by Western traders that have never read the original or subsequent texts. We have.

The Advanced Ichimoku Course Curriculum

The problem with most Ichimoku trading today is nobody has translated the original and subsequent text into English. We have, and I share my new found study, training and experience working with these texts.
Over the last two years, we've spent hundreds of hours rebuilding this Ichimoku Trading course to share with you more advanced Ichimoku wave, price action, and trading strategies.
The new Ichimoku strategies offer you way more trade setups across forex, futures, commodities, stocks, global indices and CFD's across multiple time frames.
Check out the entire course curriculum below.
  • Foundations
  • Intermediate Ichimoku
  • Advanced Ichimoku
  • Risk & Money Management
  • Trading Mindset

Register now and get immediate access to:

Ichimoku Trade Setups Forum

Join members from over 40 countries sharing their live Ichimoku trading setups in real time 24 hours a day.
Follow senior traders and how they're trading in real time.

10+ Hours of Ichimoku Video Lessons

10+ Hours of training videos packed with Ichimoku strategies, lessons, and analysis. Learn the exact Ichimoku trading strategies I use with my own money.

Monthly Ichimoku Analysis

Every month I do analysis and market commentary on several instruments using the Ichimoku cloud and looking at potential trade setups.

Private Member Webinars

Ichimoku course members now get access to our private member webinars where we talk about Ichimoku trade setups, the mindset to make money trading and trade statistics.

Trading Analytics

Members get access to a Trading Analytics session with Chris Capre, whereby he analyzes your trading performance across 20+ metrics, giving you actionable insights into your trading, and a roadmap towards greater profitability.

Develop A Winning Mindset for Trading

I've been studying Neuroscience for the past two decades, meditating every day for 15 years, and completed a 1-year meditation retreat.
No other trading mentor has this unique combination of training and experience, which I share with you on how to develop a winning trading psychology
Just think - a 1% difference in your mindset could drastically increase your profits.
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Last updated September 14, 2018
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